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Why should we want professional engagement photos?

These are your first moments that begin documenting your wedded season of life. Getting engaged is just as important as the wedding day! Not only do you get to take pretty pictures together, but this also allows you to meet with me before the wedding day to get an idea of how I work, meet in person (if we haven't already), and get comfortable in front of the camera! These photos are also meant to be printed and used to decorate your first space together!


are engagement sessions included in your package?

Yes! After you have signed the contract and paid the date retainer, we will work on scheduling your engagement session! You'll receive sneak peeks the next day, and the full digital gallery 2 weeks later. Not only are engagement photos perfect for decorating your home together, but they're great for 'save the dates' as well!

we already took our engagement photos!

Maybe you had someone else take your engagement photos already, and that's okay! I still recommend taking the opportunity to meet with me to see how I operate behind the camera. Why? Well, you don't want to have a stranger taking pictures of you at your wedding! This helps me understand how I can help you be comfortable in front of my camera, how to collaborate with each other, and helps you see how I create the visions I have when working with my couples. So, even if you took your engagement photos already, you can never have too many! This is a great opportunity to get to know each other pre-wedding day. When booking your package with me, you have the option to book either an engagement session AND/OR bridal session!



what are "bridals" anyways?

You will not regret having a bridals experience! It is impossible to have too many photos dressed to the nines in your dream wedding dress, with your hair and makeup looking perfect, and feeling stunning! So what are bridals? This is your own private session where we don't have to worry about the hustle of the wedding day! Bridal sessions allow us to slow down and take the time to give you the attention you deserve dressed up as a bride! These photos make great heirlooms and will be cherished for generations. They are also the perfect pictures to decorate your welcome table with on the day of your wedding, and, of course, add to your wedding album!


Where are bridals done at? can we do them at our venue?

Yes! I think it is a great idea to take bridals at your chosen wedding venue. This allows me to be able to work and peek around your venue  pre-wedding day, and we can scout all the locations for where we would want to take certain photos on your big day, like, where we would do a first look, where we would take wedding party photos, where we would take our couples portraits after the ceremony, etc.!

can I have an engagement and a bridal session?

ABSOLUTELY! Your wedding day is a once in a lifetime experience, and why wouldn't you want to have as many photos from this special moment of your life as possible? I encourage all of my brides to consider doing both! If you want to elevate your wedding experience, consider booking your bridal session with me!



how do you capture the wedding day?

I want you looking your absolute best on your wedding day. I want all of the photos to look poised and perfect. Photo composition, lighting and attention to details are my focus during your wedding day. I am looking to create perfectly captured moments, and always ready to pause candid moments forever. I am especially attentive to a couple's wedding timeline while making sure that you get high quality photos. My experience in the wedding industry allows me to deliver gorgeous photos while making sure the couple enjoys every. second. of their beautiful wedding day.


How many weddings do you take per year?

I like to dedicate 100% of myself to each bride that I have the opportunity to work with, so for this reason I only take on 20 weddings per year! This is to ensure that my work is always of the highest quality.

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